Analysis and optimization of your processes

Management Consultancy
A software is only a tool with which one or more tasks can be done. However, the right tool should be chosen for the task to be performed, so that you can do it effectively and efficiently. Therefore, you should have understood the task before selecting the tool, or would you use a drill to hit a nail in the wall?

Our approach to process optimization ...

... is to get to know your company and the processes and tasks involved. These should take into account your ideas and requirements and analyze a concept. We see ourselves as manufacturers-neutral and industry-independent consultants, so we do not prefer any fixed products. We would be pleased to support you with the implementation of the concept. We are available to you as a coordinator for the optimization or as a software developer for possible adjustments. As part of our partnerships, we can also provide specific topics to our partners.

It is important to point out: We want to offer you a solution for your task, not any tool that might miss the goal!

Our attention ...

... is based on the following topics and areas of activity. We are, of course, endeavoring to advise you in other areas as well as to improve your processes together.

Production and logistics processes

In many companies the computerized business processes end at the door to production and / or logistics. This is, however, a mistake: there is enough data that can be reported back from these areas for a successful control of the company. Of course there can already be these feedback already, but then they are mostly on paper and someone from the office has to type them into the computer system. Reducing "paper processes" provides acceleration and process reliability, as the right information is being worked on. In addition, the employees who work as a sneaker interface can focus on more important tasks.

Commercial / administrative processes

Most companies have supported and digitized many processes in the commercial environment through an ERP system. However, how penetrating is this system? Are all commercial areas integrated? Are there interfaces between the individual departments? Are all working with the same information or are there an infinite number of copies? These are all questions that must be considered.

IT processes and IT projects

Is your IT already a profit center or still "just a cost center"? With the growing automation and digitization of processes, challenges arise for your IT and IT systems. Are there bottlenecks or restrictions that can prevent the modernization of processes? Are they safe from data loss or data manipulation?


The control of projects is a necessary part of our work. With our experience, we can help you in this area. How are your projects currently being managed? If necessary, we can also provide you with one of our experts as project managers, so that your project will also be a success.

Our solutions ...

... for optimizing processes are relatively simple. It is a mixture of organizational and technical measures to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes.

Optimization of procedures

In principle, most processes are in a similar form in any organization. Our aim is to present the deviations from best practices, which are important for you, and to give you a recommendation for an optimization of the process. The simplest adjustments would be, for example, removing or summarizing process steps.

Digitization of processes

An analyzed process can be digitized using computer systems. This means that the processing takes place completely on a computer device and it is tried to avoid media breaks. A digital process brings both a reduction in throughput times and a further process reliability through better monitoring of running processes.

Automation in processes

A digitized process can also be provided with automatism so that decisions are made by the computer system as required. This further simplifies work and increases the documented decisions in your company

Electronic data exchange

The exchange of electronic data within processes, both in the company itself between work steps and with external partners, represents a further optimization of business processes. It significantly increases the process reliability, since information no longer has to be collected manually in a computer system, but in the ideal case the partner already provides it completely, directly further processing. In combination with the automation of processes, your employees can focus on the essentials besides sample control and the possible processing of faulty transmissions.

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