Improve processes through the use of EDI and achieve a cost savings!

The optimization of processes can greatly reduce both the error rate and the necessary working time! By digitizing the processes and directly involving partners via EDI, you can quickly achieve this goal.

Starting situation: Many documents, Many ways, A lot of effort

The exchange of electronic data (EDI = electronic data interchange) can simplify your own business processes immensely, thereby reducing time and errors!

In most cases, you will receive documents and documents that you have to enter or store manually in your IT system (ERP system, merchandise management system, accounting system). The manual operation is often time-consuming and error-prone. Since most documents come to the company in various ways, there is a media breakthrough.

Your supplier or customer, however, ideally has all the data you need for your further processes, via EDI, he can provide you with this data directly and quickly. This communication happens automatically in the background, between you and its computer system, without major manual activities by you. All necessary data are then available electronically without any of your employees having performed a time-intensive and error-prone manual recording.

Communicate via EDI and reduce your costs

The advantage of EDI is that there is a defined message format for almost all standard document types. And if a document type is missing, this can be arranged individually between you and your partner. All processes between you and your partner can be digitized using EDI.

With digitalization, there is a very great potential to reduce the throughput time of processes and to avoid errors. A manual entry of documents is no longer necessary for EDI-supported processes. In the ideal case, your computer system can ideally use a variety of automatism for these fully digitized processes. The possible time savings and low error rates allow your employees to be entrusted with other, more qualified tasks.

In digital processes, you can also dispense with the printing of paper documents, so of course also all costs for the printout, the enveloping and the postal dispatch are dispensed with. Since your partner can directly receive and process these documents electronically, there is no need to distribute further documents. This measure also relieves the burden on the environment and reduces your effort to collect, distribute and archive documents and documents.

Not to be neglected are the other advantages resulting from the reduction of throughput times in EDI-supported processes: This could lead to a reduction in inventories, which could result in a lower capital commitment and a saving in storage and logistics costs. In addition, a fast throughput time naturally also means a more satisfied customer and the automation also means a lower reversal and error rate.

In sum, the benefit for you, your partner and your customers are tangible.

Your implementation with Free Mind IT

The communication between two partners is based on a communication channel and on a language. This also applies to the electrical data exchange. In the run-up, these topics are to be clarified with your partner and defined accordingly. There is a relatively large number of possible communication paths and, of course, also languages, the so-called EDI standards.

You do not have to face this challenge alone, we can support you in this!

Complete EDI integration

The technical implementation always requires an EDI converter, which converts the format for the EDI document agreed with the partner into a format that can be used by your computer system. This converter must be maintained and maintained. We can offer you a cloud-based solution that offers a number of advantages, in contrast to a classic in-house solution: On your part, you do not need any investment costs for hardware or software, or personnel costs for administration, maintenance or monitoring of the solution. You also do not need to qualify employees in this area or to develop EDI know-how in a different way.

WebEDI-portal as an entry

If your computer system is not able to import documents or if you are not using a closed computer system, we can help you the same way. With our WebEDI portal, we offer you a solution that allows you to exchange documents with your partners via EDI, even without your own EDP system. You can see this WebEDI portal as a digital mailbox for EDI documents. Depending on the scope, you can communicate with the WebEDI portal with all your EDI-capable partners and therefore you only need one tool for your EDI exchange. We offer numerous functions, such as preparing the EDI documents in a readable format or long-term archiving.

The Free Mind IT GmbH takes the complete EDI tasks for you at a fixed price! This means you always have your costs in mind and can concentrate on the most important thing - your business! Have we piqued your interest?

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