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Free Mind IT GmbH
Schlaaweg 1
D-59581 Warstein

Corporate form:
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
Dipl.-Inf.(FH) Thomas Henke
Founding year:
Schlaaweg 1, D-59581 Warstein
Dates by appointment only
Office Hours
Mo.-Fr. 9:00 bis 17:00 Uhr,
except holidays in Germany (NRW)

In 2013, the Free Mind IT GmbH was founded out of the EDV / IT department of a medium-sized industrial company. With the newly acquired and newly recruited employees, she has long-term experience in the manufacturing industry as well as in the administrative and logistical processes involved. The Free Mind IT GmbH sees itself as a solution provider for the area of process optimization, as well as the creation of individual and standard software.

Our team consists of long-term employees from different areas, which gives us a wealth of knowledge in several decades. Since 2001, EDI has been providing consulting and implementation of projects in the field of process control since 1991 and the development of software since 1988. The team is motivated and is also committed to dealing with new topics.

Our range of services includes: Process optimization, Software development, and Data protection and IT security. also offer classic system operations, such as consultancy, procurement, installation, support and operation of IT systems, in order to offer solutions from a single source.

The main focus, however, is always on the optimization of processes in order to reduce costs, working times and errors and to increase the security within the processes.

We therefore understand the term process optimization as three core themes
  1. Process analysis and consulting
  2. digitization, e.g. by ...
    • ... electronic data exchange (EDI) with business partners
    • ... computer-assisted workflows
    • ...
  3. Automation, e.g. ...
    • ... Industrial environment: connection, evaluation and control of production plants
    • ... Office environment: Automated reports / evaluations
    • ...
We stand by you with our expertise and various solutions.