Your advantages through EDI


With the use of EDI, you achieve a higher level of security and the reduction of manual activities by simplifying and automating your processes, thus reducing costs!

The initial situation - A business transaction between two partners

In each company the same processes take place and all parties involved work with partially identical data and supporting documents. Each participant generates his own documents - at the latest when transferred to his own computer system. A buyer creates an order in his system and communicates it to the supplier by e-mail, fax or telephone. On the other hand, the supplier manually records this purchase order in his own system and, if necessary, checks it according to existing agreements. At the time of dispatch, the supplier than generates a delivery note and an invoice, which are then recorded, checked, and edited again manually in the customer system. This simple process is full of redundant data, manual effort and thus also error potentials. Not to forget that they are still increasing with the number of customer-supplier relationships, articles, conditions, etc.

So why do not all parties involved work with the same data? They must only be interchanged and imported into the EDP system of the recipient! Now, the recipient can work directly with the data and enrich it with additional features for the next level - the next partner.

The basic solution is obvious:
  • Establish the exchange of electronic data with the partner, ...
  • ... unify the own processes ...
  • ... and automate the necessary process steps.

The goal and your benefit!

With the exchange of data in the electronic way - directly between two computer systems - the parties reach an increased process security: The proportion of redundant, manually recorded data is reduced, in some cases as much as 100%. Depending on the EDP system used, automated processes can be used to speed up further manual activities, such as checking the incoming document. In the ideal case, the employees have only to carry out "final checks" for individual document processes and to process anomalies. The fact that electronic communication works with all partners in the same way and that you work with your own documents in your respective system makes all processes familiar. And yet, all work with the same data.

The savings are mainly the result of time savings and process security, because your employees ...
  • ... do not need to record any documents manually.
  • ... have more time for more important processes.
  • ... make fewer mistakes.
  • ... help to increase the quality of your company's processes.

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