Excerpts from our service description and price list[1] For the electronic data exchange

From a
monthly fixed price of 39,80 EUR[2]

we enable you EDP system a complete EDI-Connection.
And that without further hidden costs.

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Details about the offer

The cost of connectivity is divided into three areas: Transport routes, Business processes, and Service. There are both monthly costs for the provision and maintenance, as well as one-time initial installation costs or major adjustments. The scope and the performance of your EDI package can be flexibly adapted at any time. Our common tasks include all activities to ensure normal operation as well as the maintenance and maintenance of connections with your business partners.

Transport routes ...

  • ... are a simple way between customers / partners and our system..
  • ... can be used for several processes.
  • ... are provided via VPN, AS/2, (S/)FTP, X.400[3] or other private networks (e.g. TRADANET[4]).
  • ... are available from 9,95 EUR / monthly and 79,95 EUR / once.

Business processes ...

  • ... indicate the connection of the customer ERP system.
  • ... allow the connection of different partners.
  • ... are available from 14.95 EUR / monthly and from 699.90 EUR / once.
  • ... monthly costs EUR 4.95 per connected partner.

Service ...

  • ... included in the monthly / one-time costs is
    • the establishment,
    • the operation,
    • the maintenance.
  • ... includes
    • the standard operation,
    • smaller adjustments and
    • normal operational processes.
  • ... and Services are calculated according to
    • the price list or
    • an additional maintenance contract.

The administrative / installation costs can be smaller for larger projects with several processes than for smaller ones, in such cases we would be pleased to create an individual offer for you. Simply contact our sales team.


  1. All prices are net prices plus currently valid VAT in Germany. The offer is exclusively for companies, traders or bodies of public law. With a valid VAT identification number, EU customers can apply for a tax exemption.
  2. The 39.80 EUR result from 2x transport route to 9.95 EUR / monthly, the connection to the ERP system to 14.95 EUR / monthly and a partner for 4.95 EUR / monthly. A one-time cost of EUR 879.80 is incurred for setting up the process.
  3. The X.400 network is a private network of Deutsche Telekom. Many partners in German retailers use this. The use is subject to additional costs incurred by Deutsche Telekom. In this case, we offer two possibilities:
    1. Participation of the cost acceptance by 1.) a basic fee of 4.95 EUR 2.) a flat rate of 0.0625 EUR per received message and 3.) an administrative fee of 7% on the Outgoing prices of Deutsche Telekom.
    2. You assign / own your own X.400 Telebox and make this (exclusively) available for use for your messages and bear the costs of Deutsche Telekom directly.
  4. The TRADANET is a private network in the UK, operated by OpenText / GXS and is used primarily by dealers and chains in the UK. The connection can be made possible, among other things, by an X.400 account, unfortunately, here are some things to settle. These transport routes fall outside the normal flat rates because of the increased administrative costs, but they are realizable.