Our WebEDI portal - your entry into the EDI world!

The simple operation and flexible adaptability of our WebEDI portal allows you to adapt quickly and dynamically to new circumstances of your EDI business communication.

Overview of our WebEDI portal

Our WebEDI portal allows small and medium-sized businesses to take a first step towards the secure exchange of electronic documents. It is a universal tool for receiving, sending and displaying various EDI document types. We provide a wide range of modules with a wide variety of functions, which we can adapt to your individual needs, if required.

The WebEDI portal is linked to our back-end system. This coupling allows him to achieve the same EDI functionality as a classical ERP system could achieve in a direct connection to our platform. This results, for example, in the fact that communication with various EDI partners can be established so that it is not necessary to use different WebEDI portals for different partners.

There is always the possibility that you can download your documents for automatic further processing as export files.


The WebEDI portal consists of several modules which can be flexibly accessed and debited. The current features include the following:

  • WebEDI: Basemodul
    • Receive of EDI-vouchers
    • Send of EDI-voucher
    • Download of original vouchers and a CSV file for own processing
    • Communication with multiple partners is possible

  • WebEDI: Form capture
    • Capture and Display of EDI-voucher by forms

  • WebEDI: Document preparation
    • Display of EDI-vouchers in human-readable format
    • Download of PDFs

  • Supported Vouchertypes
    • Order
    • Delivery note
    • Invoice


Input folder
Output folder
Form capture: DESADV
Form capture: DESADV short
Print view: ORDERS
Default view: ORDERS

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