Declaration and Glossary


Application messages

also APERAK short for APplication ERror and AcKnowledgement message

... Is defined as APERAK-Message within the UN/EDIFACT Standard.


short for Application Statement 2
also MDN short for Message Disposition Notification


Business Mail X.400

also X.400


Business Process



means United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business





short for Comma-Separated Values

CSV describes a structure for a text file for the data transmission, in which the individual data are separated by commas.

Dispatch Advice

also Advance Shipping Notice
also ASN short for Advance Shipping Notice
also DESADV short for DESpatch ADVice

Contains information about the delivery and it's state.

Is defined as DESADV-Message within the UN/EDIFACT Standart.


short for EAN+COMmunication

EANCOM is sub-group of the EDIFACT-Standard.


short for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport

A format-standard for electronic data interchange. It defines messages and structures. This standard applies across all industries and is regulated by CEFACT, an UN agency.

Electronic Data Interchange

also EDI short for Electronic Data Interchange

The electronic exchange of documents allows you to exchange any business documents without manual transactions between your company and your business partner.

Enterprise Resource Planning System

also ERP short for Enterprise Resoucre Planning
also ERP-System


File Transfer Protocol

also FTP short for File Transfer Protocol
also S/FTP short for Secure/ File Transfer Protocol


Global Location Number

also GLN short for Gloabl Location Number
also ILN short for International Location Number

A 13 digit long number which identifies a company clearly.

Global Trade Item Number

also EAN short for European Article Number
also GTIN short for Global Trade Item Number

The article number is a worldwide unique identification number with 13 digts for articles. This number is administrated by the GS1-Organization.

Hyper Text Transferprotocol (Secure)

also HTTP short for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
also HTTPS short for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
also Hyper Text Transferprotocol
also SSL short for Secure Socket Layer
also TLS short for Transport Layer Security



also INVOIC short for INVOICe


Is defined as INVOIC-Message within the UN/EDIFACT Standard.


also Universalformat

Conversing messages from a particular structure to another structure.




Is defined as ORDERS-Message within the UN/EDIFACT Standard.

Receiving Advice

also RECADV short for RECeiving ADVice


Is defined as RECADV-Message within the UN/EDIFACT Standard.

Remittance Advice

also REMADV short for REMittance ADVice


Is defined as REMADV-Message within the UN/EDIFACT Standard.

Serial Shipping Container Code

also NVE
also SSCC short for Serial Shipping Container Code


Service Report Message


... Is defined as CONTRL-Message within the UN/EDIFACT Standard.

Tax Control Message

also TAXCON short for TAXCONtrol message


Is defined as TAXCON-Message within the UN/EDIFACT Standard.





Transfer Order

also IFTMIN means Instruction Message


Is defined as IFTMIN-Message within the UN/EDIFACT Standard.



Virtual Private Network

also VPN short for Virtual Private Network



short for Web-Application Programming Interface
means Internet based Applicationinterface







short for eXtensible Markup Language

Markup language for the representation of hierarchically structured data. XML data is stored in a text file with the suffix ".xml".