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The electronic exchange of documents (or EDI = Electronic Data Interchange) allows you to exchange any business documents without manual transactions between your company and your business partners. With Free Mind IT you have access to all common EDI formats from EDIFACT to TRADACOMS for communication with your business partners, customers, suppliers or forwarders. It is also possible to connect or exchange in-house formats.

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Reduce costs with EDI!

By using EDI, you can save time and money by avoiding the manual effort involved in capturing the data and reducing throughput times.

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Do not include capital for hardware or software. Focus on your core business, we take care of your EDI connection!

EDI for All - Our WebPortal!

A larger partner requires EDI documents from you? With our WebEDI from the cloud, you can meet the needs of your partner without having to cost too much.

Free Mind IT - EDI Service Provider
from AS/2 to X.400 and from APERAK to TAXCON

The Free Mind IT GmbH is an EDI service provider offering various services in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčelectronic data exchange. You can outsource your EDI operation to us easily, fairly and cheaply. The services in this business are aimed at business customers, from a wide range of areas that want to optimize your processes and reduce costs. At present, we are mainly engaged in the field of manufacturing industry, trade and freight forwarders. The Free Mind IT GmbH offers its customers and partners the possibility of exchanging electronic documents as structured data by means of established international standards such as EDIFACT. The use of EDI enables your company to exchange business documents electronically at any time with a customer, supplier, freight forwarder or other business partner. The data to be exchanged come directly from your computer system (for example ERP system) and therefore do not have to be manually recorded, nor converted into any other formats. This includes the largest source of error within a process, the manual capture of data. By standardizing the documents, no time-consuming processing as well as printing or sending by fax or e-mail is necessary and the process is reduced to a few seconds. As a service provider, Free Mind IT GmbH offers a cloud-based outsourcing of your EDI connection, which is flexible and scalable at any time.

EDI from the cloud - your competitive advantage with Free Mind IT

The EDI team at Free Mind IT GmbH has more than 15 years of EDI knowledge and know-how. This enables us to process your concerns successfully, competently and professionally. We can offer you an EDI round-the-clock service. We will gladly take over from the initial discussions with a partner, through the setting up of the connection and conversion, up to the operation and the error handling all tasks in your EDI process. Our competent employees provide these services in both German and English. You do not need to hire employees for these operations. With our cloud-based EDI system, for receiving and sending EDI messages, we enable you to protect your investment. This means you do not need to purchase or operate your own EDI converter, since we offer you this as a service from the cloud. Your data - which is processed through our cloud services - are only temporarily stored on German servers. This cloud-based approach means that you can save both the investment costs and operating costs and depreciation for an EDI converter, a host server, and possibly other necessary infrastructure components. It is only necessary to have a secure internet connection, e.g. VPN tunnel to transfer to and from our platform, the rest we do for you. Our system is expandable flexibly, which will also benefit you as the number of your messages, processes and / or partners increases or decreases. We take care of the electrical data exchange between you and your partners and you concentrate on your core processes.